Gospel Way

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Date: Sunday, June 19, 2016
Pastor: Scotty Scott

More than likely if you are from South Mobile County you have heard about the church on Irvington BLB Hwy that has grown from a little tent to dual Sunday morning services with live online broadcasting and thousands of online followers.  We were blessed to take part in the early 8:30am service on this Father’s Day Sunday.  Gospel Way, under the leadership of Scotty Scott, has taken root in South Mobile County as one of the fastest growing churches in the area in the last couple of years.  Gospel Way is a non-denominational church that has a three fold mission statement:

1. To glorify God in all we say, do, or think.
2. To love each other as brothers and sisters in the Lord, and to show that love to the world we live in.
3. To reach out to the world with the Gospel message of The Kingdom of God which brings salvation to the lost and encouragement to the church.

Sermon: “The Life of a Father” 2 Samuel 11 (sermon video at bottom)

Met at the front “side” door of the church by a team of greeters along with the pastor was great and the service started soon after we arrived with a call to worship and musical worship.  It was a nice array of old and new songs led by a contemporary band.  Intertwined was a corporate prayer time with worship and offering.

Scotty mentioned that he was not planning to use this text for his sermon but God led him in this direction.  The main focus was on David and his shift from sin to repentance.  2 Samuel chronicles the life of David with Bathsheba.  It was a great message that spoke firm to our hearts that even though we make mistakes in life, our God in Heaven still adores us and calls us to make repentance.

Here are some quotes from the sermon,

If you step up you can forget about your slip up

Serving God is more than just a prayer, it is a lifestyle

For us to operate in the midst of God’s call we have to come to that point of repentance.  David did the same as you read through the Psalms, and represents to us how we need that forgiveness of God in our own lives.  Through that there comes a shift in our attitude and actions and when we truly repent we can truly be restored.

Below you will find the church information and a video as Gospel Way records all of their services and live streams them online using YouTube’s service.  It is a great way for people to catch up or engage in a sermon they missed or want to relive.  Pray for Gospel Way as they continue to reach the South Mobile County folks for Jesus.


Address: 12395 Irvington Bayou La Batre Hwy. Irvington, AL 36544
Email: info@gospelwaychurch.com
Website: http://www.gospelwaychurch.com/
Main Sunday Worship Times: 8:30am & 11:00am
Total Congregation Size: 8:30am (40-60) – 11:00am (150-200)
Race & Age Demographics: Mostly Caucasian, Some Ethnic Diversity, Various Ages