First Baptist Church of Bayou la Batre

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DATE: Sunday, May 22, 2016
Speaker: Chip Curtis

Today was my family’s first Sunday apart from the Friendship Baptist family and since my good friend Chip Curtis was speaking this morning we decided for FBCBLB to be the first stop on our journey to local churches in our area to support friends that are pastors and ministers on staff.

Since this is the first review there is due some explaining to why, how, and for what point these reviews are put together.  For the most part it is to promote the local church.   It is also to give some insight to some of what the church offers, the sermon that was shared while we were attending, and some basic information about the church.  Dates and speakers will be at the top and church information as well as demographics will be at the end of the post.

Sermon: “Apart from Christ” John 8:31-59

The pastor Jeremy Smalley was out of town on the day we attended but the Youth Pastor Chip Curtis filled the role and brought a great sermon.  Chip’s style is very expository with the main scripture text and does not stray far away from that text.  In this text Chip shared that “Apart from Christ” we are slaves to sin, children of the devil, and rejectors of the Word of God, but progressed into what we are  “In Christ.”  In Christ we are free from sin and the bondage of it, children of God, hold fast to the Word, as well as made righteous through the cross.

Here are some quotes from the sermon,

You don’t get hit by a log truck and come out the same; you don’t encounter Jesus and come out the same.

Jesus said, “I Am,” not I was.

Quit saying, “I got Jesus,” Jesus got you

The Lord used this message to encourage me not lose sight how God has changed me.  Without Him I am absolutely nothing, but In Christ I am made whole.  We should be thankful that God can take us from failure to fortune when we put our full faith and trust in Him as our Savior.

I’m sure these reviews will be more thorough throughout my journey but thank you for reading and it was a very good visit this morning.

Church Information:

Address: 13500 North Wintzell Avenue Bayou La Batre, Alabama 36509
Phone: 251-824-4424
Main Sunday Worship Times: 8:30am, 11:00am, 6:00pm
Total Congregation Size: 100-150
Race & Age Demographics: Mostly Caucasian, Various ages from teens to senior adults.