Bridgewater Community Church

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Date: Sunday, May 29, 2016
Pastor: Ralph Rimmer III

An explanation of the picture above will come below, but before that let me tell you about a church my friend Ralph Rimmer has planted in Spanish Fort.  Bridgewater Community Church was planted about two years ago in Spanish Fort to reach one of the fastest growing communities in Alabama.  In my opinion it is an extremely hard area to reach because there are so many large churches with some very exuberant services that appeal to a large majority of the population.  Nestled in though is Bridgewater Community, a Southern Baptist Church, that is trying hard to reach the lost.  Currently Bridgewater meets in an office complex there in Spanish Fort.

Sermon: “Standing Firm in the Face of Counterfeits” Revelation 12:10-11

Ralph works double duty with his brother Don leading musical worship.  The musical worship included a mix of worship led by Ralph and Don as well as spoken word and track led worship.  Ralph has been teaching through the book of Revelation and this service gave three main descriptions on how to identify counterfeits:

1. Shine the light on it immediately
2. Mark it immediately
3. Reject it completely

This is a very hard text to cover because there are so many different interpretations of the characters that are described by John in these passages.  The main thing Ralph made evident was that if Jesus is not the main part of it then it is counterfeit.

Here are some quotes from the sermon,

The closer you walk toward Jesus the further you walk away from sin, and the closer you walk toward sin the further you walk away from Jesus.

Counterfeits will always have a different number and it will always be less than God’s

Satan is still seeking those he may devour.

No matter what, until the end of age, Satan will continue to try and take us out of fellowship with God, thus the point Ralph was making hit home when he stated that Satan is STILL seeking those he may devour.  That means every single day I need to be grounded in the word of God while keeping focused on his will for my life instead of my own selfish will.

Description of Picture

With this being a church plant there are various ways in which a person can find a way to serve the church.  I probably learned my ingenuity skills from my father as he always did crazy things to make stuff work.  Every week Ralph records his sermons for anyone to watch live on Periscope or to view at a later time with his iPhone.  Problem is that usually when he records it gets dangerously close to going dead, so he needed to plug it in to be able to last the whole service.  That presents another problem, you can’t really prop it up anywhere because the charging port obscures it from being level.  I saw they were having this problem and found offered my services to created the iPhone kleenex cup prop box to hold it up perfectly.  Thanks to Bridgewater for allowing me to serve in a small way.


Address: 30733 Sgt E I Boots Thomas Dr, Spanish Fort, AL 36527
Phone: 251-610-6784
Main Sunday Worship Times: 10:30am
Total Congregation Size: 15-20
Race & Age Demographics: Caucasian